2018 WTF?

How are we already in 2018?  Only 18 months since the last post on here...  Well it has been a messed up 18 months; sold our condo and moved to a house, had and lost our daughter Brooklyn, ran away to Australia, got a dog, struggled with grief, struggled to pick up the camera, dabbled in minimalism, traveled to the eastern US, survived the holidays.

It has been a roller coaster ride with extreme highs and extreme lows.  Glad 2017 is over and hope that 2018 is better (it can't be any worse).

I have never taken to this "blogging" thing... But this year I am hoping I can post at least once a week.  Although I consider this site my photography portfolio and I will try to keep posts photo related there will be some other topics based on my interests. I don't expect to have too many readers or to monetize this, but figure it will be a good to focus on putting some value out into the world whether it be a photo/travel tip, life hack or gear review.  If one person can learn or use something I post than the mission will be complete.

I hope everyone has a great 2018.

Jasper 2017