Superclásico Craziness

Well we successfully made it to Buenos Aires and had no hiccups on our trip to Rio De Janeiro.  Overall an amazing trip and I now have over 2000 photos to sort through.  Before that though I thought I would share our experience at the Superclásico on our last night in Buenos Aires.

The Superclásico is a football match between River Plate and Boca Juniors.  These are the two top rivals in Argentina and has to be one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports.  Tickets are tough to come by but lucky for us due to the Copas Libertadores there were two Superclásico's while we were there.

It was a crazy experience. The fans are so passionate and start singing hours before the match and by kickoff the stands are basically a large mosh pit.

I brought the trusty Canon S95 and put together the videos below.  But first a couple of tips if you plan to ever attend one:

  1. Do not sit in an aisle seat if you are in general admission.  We arrived at the stadium three hours early and thought it would be a good idea.  However one hour prior to the match the aisles are full of spectators because they typically sell more tickets then there are seats.  We ended up standing on or seats for the entire match.
  2. Females should bring toilet paper.  Lauren was shocked when the ladies washroom didn't have toilet seats and there was no toilet paper.
  3. If you are taking pictures/video of the craziness be sure to hold onto your camera\phone tightly!  One of the guys in our group had his iPhone 6 accidentally knocked out of this hand while making a video.  He miraculously was able to find it at the end of the match under a seat in the section below.  It had a few dings but the screen was mostly intact.