Buenos Aires

Finally completed processing the photos from our short trip to South America.  We stopped in three locations starting in Buenos Aires, then onto Iguazu Falls and finally relaxing in Rio De Janeiro.

We had a great time in Buenos Aires.  We stayed in a neighbourhood called Palermo at the Bobo Hotel.  The hotel was great, our room had a large balcony and jacuzzi tub.  All the front desk workers were very helpful.  I highly recommend this hotel.  Palermo isn't a touristy neighbourhood but there are lots of restaraunts/bars and good shopping close by.

Highlights from the BA:

  • Don Julio's: This is now a popular restaurant among tourists but initially was also very popular with the locals.  We had some of the best beef we every ate at this restaurant and it was only a couple blocks from our hotel.
  • Superclasico:  If you are ever in town when a superclasico is occurring you must go to this match.  I have never seen or been in an atmosphere like that.  I would not call myself a soccer fan but it was one of the best sporting experiences I have ever had.
  • Recoleta cemetery: Although a little creepy strolling through this elaborate/exclusive cemetery it is definitely a must see.

Photography wise the weather was too good during the day to capture anything great.  Recoleta should have been a haven for good photos but there was not a cloud in the sky and we were ushered out before the sun was able to set and make the lighting good.  I am sure there were good photos there but I just failed to capture anything I was happy with.

There was also a tonne of street art that should have made for great photos but I feel that I failed to capture them as well.

My favourite pictures were taken in Puerto Madero.  We stayed here past sunset and below is my favourite photo from BA.  You can also click through to see all the images from BA.